Geode Cracking Station and two Fossil Dig containers.

Inside picture of the Gem Mining Trailer.

Science Teacher investigates his gemstones, rocks, fossils and minerals.

Science teacher oversees her students.

A bucket of mine rough with the sand & dirt removed.

Etisha getting ready for the next class of students.

We bring the 24' self contained enclosed trailer to your school.  It takes one hour to set up and get ready for the first class of students. We need from your school, a level area for set up, water hook up to fill our water tanks, electricity to run the pumps and lights, a minimum of 100 students to participate.  Each student will be given a bucket of Educational Mine Rough to sift through a screen bottom box in the sluice, when the water washes away the sand they will be amazed by the brilliant colors and shapes of the gemstones and minerals left behind. A trifold color identification chart that lists the different Minerals, Gemstones, and fossils and a resealable plastic bag will be provided for each student to take their finds back to the classroom and eventually home to show the family.

Mobile Gemstone Mining

Mobile Gemstone Mining Trailer.

Video of Mobile Gemstone Mining.