Blue Howlite   Moss Agate   XXL Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones and Arrow Heads w/bale

Various sizes of Sharks Teeth wire wrapped

Welcome to Daniel Boone Gem Mining Store

Jasper & Obsidian Arrowheads

Cut Base Labradorite   

Cut Base Brazilian Amethyst

Rough Citrine  Tumbled Desert Jasper

Tumbled Leopardskin Jasper

Tumbled Stones by the Pound for Energy Bowls

Petrified Wood   xxxxx

Serpentine Jasper   Tiger Eye

Cut Base Brazilian Amethyst

Crystal Point Ear Rings and Necklaces

Rough Rose Quartz  

Rough Small, Medium, and Large Amethyst

Regular Quarts     Rose Quartz

Rough Petrified Wood    Tumbled Picture Jasper   

Rough Sodalite  Tumbled Red Jasper

Brazilian Amethyst.

Brazilian Amethyst

Iron Pyrite "Fools Gold"

Moroccan Geode Pieces

Black and Rainbow Magnetic Hematite

Magnetic Hematite  Copper  Peacock Ore

Crystal Point Clusters.

Rainbow Magnetic Hematite

Rough Black Tourmaline  

SnowFlake Obsidian

Moroccan Geodes

Arrow Heads w/Bale   Selenite Sticks

Various sizes of Sharks Teeth wire wrapped

Peacock & Black Polished Magnetic Hematite

Aura Geode Pendants  

Energy Bowl tumbled Stones

   Daniel Boone Gem Mining, a hands on mining adventure, the whole family will enjoy. 

   Playing in the dirt, finding gemstones, minerals and making memories.

Cut Base Amethyst

Moroccan Geodes on Sale for 14.95 reg. 19.95