Daniel Boone Gem Mining, a hands on mining adventure, the whole family will enjoy. 

   Playing in the dirt, finding gemstones, minerals and making memories.

Planning a Field Trip

Hours of operation:

Mon - Friday by appointment only.  Schools, Churches, Scout Troops, etc.

Saturday 10 to 5 PM open to everyone.

Sunday  by appointment only Private Parties

Cost per Student?

The regular cost is 12.00 for their very own bucket of Mine Rough, however we are running a special 2.00 off only for the schools, bringing your student cost down to 10.00 each.

Call or                     us today to reserve your group:  336-765-1265

Daniel Boone Gem Mining

Onsite covered sluice

Fossil Dig

Become a prospector from days gone by and mine for real gemstones that you can keep!

Everyone loves uncovering their very own treasures! 
Sifting for gemstones, rocks, minerals and fossils are a great activity for birthday parties, schools, scouts, special events, or any occasion.
We provide all the supplies you need to discover the thrill of sifting and panning for our beautiful gemstones and fossils.  We will also provide you with a clear Ziploc treasure bag to secure your findings and a color trifold identification chart to identify  them.

You can find Amethyst, Aragonite, Calcite, Citrine, Crystals, Fuchsite, Geodes, Jasper, Onyx, Emeralds,

Pyrite (fools gold), Peacock Ore, Quartz, Rubies, and fossils.